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Keep your shiny new users engaged (and your support team happy) by painlessly incorporating on-brand product videos through-out your onboarding, drip campaigns, and training material.

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Why use a product video for onboarding & training?

Your first impression is kind of a big deal. An effective onboarding process will not only help users quickly understand how to use your product, it will clearly communicate the value of your product at the same time. Otherwise, you risk losing 60% of your users to frustration, confusion, and, ultimately, a competitor.

95% of marketers say video helps increase their users’ understanding of their product. Not only that, it conveys value, brand, culture, and product in context. Imagine what your onboarding and training documentation could do if you replaced it with agency-grade video. Now, stop imagining and do it!

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Creative ways to leverage video for education


First impressions are key. Introduce your product, brand, and value all within a 30 second engaging onboarding experience.

Supercharge your onboarding

Improve your product training experience with modular videos that show step by step walkthroughs in context.

Improve your training

Add life to your email campaigns with animated gifs that engages your users and drives them back to your product.

Reduce customer frustration

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“ScreenSpace has helped save us tons of time and money in delivering high caliber video and mockups allowing us to operate above our pay grade and play with the big boys!”
Eric Prugh
“For Hype 4's release, one piece of secret sauce we used was a tool from ScreenSpace. It helped us make renders … that we can only describe as 'gorgeously realistic.'"
Jonathan Deutsch
“I was first hooked by the pixel perfect renders in minutes. That kind of speed and reliability is essential at Uber. But the real value comes from the full suite of enterprise products built for a wide range of skillsets making collaboration seamless for the entire team.”
Max Hathaway
"Our client chose a ScreenSpace proposal over our usual live action quote — and they were blown away when they saw the final product."
Nick Miller
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"With ScreenSpace I can make launch videos internally that look like they came from the creative teams at Apple or Google. This is a dream come true.”
Aidan Hornsby
“Grabbing the consumer’s attention isn’t enough. You have to keep that attention. This is where your benefits come into play or a product description that sets your offer apart from the others.”
Michael Simmons

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