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Frequently Asked Questions

For Startups

I don’t have any video experience. Can I still use your platform?

Absolutely! We have stripped away all technical and creative complexities so you can create agency-grade content without any video experience whatsoever. Simply choose a template, upload your screenshots, select a device, and customize the background. That’s it!

My team doesn’t have any bandwidth to create a video. Can you help?

Of course! Our award-winning creative team is always just one click away. We can provide creative guidance, build a custom template for your product, or provide ongoing creative services for your startup. Click here to chat with our team to find the best fit.

My product launch is in a few days. Will my video be done in time?

Yes! A 30 second video can take as little as 45 minutes from start to finish once you have your screen assets and copy ready to go. Looking for a custom 30 second video? We can turn it around in as little as one week.

Is it really studio quality?

Absolutely! The ScreenSpace Engine is designed by industry artists and agencies using the same meticulous design process used for broadcast commercials and TV. Everything from the lighting & reflections to animation & rendering is scrutinized to perfection.

Do you have any perks or discounts for early-stage startups?

We partner with incubators, accelerators, and VC firms. Reach out to your program manager or mentor to learn more.

For Partners

How can my portfolio companies access ScreenSpace?

Your companies will apply through a unique form provided by our team if you are accepted into our Partner program. Ready to partner? Click here.

What resources will my startup companies have access to?

We offer access to our platform, services, educational resources, and mentorship. Click here to learn more about our partner program options.

Is there a limit to how many of my startup companies I can refer?

Nope! Send as many of them as you wish. We’re excited to help them grow.
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Elevate your product

We offer a fully featured 7-day free trial. That means over the next week you can create unlimited videos for your project. No strings attached!