You're shopping for video solutions for your startup so you are likely comparing options like cost, time, quality, and ease of use. Let us make this easy for you.


Rotato Pro looks DIY. ScreenSpace looks like it came from an agency.

Startups are choosing ScreenSpace over Rotato Pro for the professional quality. Import your screens in seconds and start creating agency-grade videos today.

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Higher quality

Rotato Pro is limited by your own computer's GPU. ScreenSpace leverages cloud-based GPU render farms used by visual effects studios capable of producing studio-quality renders that outpace Apple, Google, and Microsoft.

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Professional templates

ScreenSpace templates are designed by industry artists and agencies using the same meticulous design and editing process used for broadcast commercials and TV. So you can create full agency-grade videos within 45 minutes. With Rotato Pro, your only option is to start from scratch.

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VideoHive requires experience. ScreenSpace requires a computer.

Startups are choosing ScreenSpace over VideoHive for the quality, ease of use, and speed. Import your screens in seconds and start creating promo videos in minutes.

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More user-friendly

VideoHive templates require experience with pro apps like After Effects, Cinema 4D and Element 3D. ScreenSpace requires a monitor, keyboard, and cup of coffee.

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Quality guaranteed

ScreenSpace is built and designed by creatives and agencies with industry-leading render farms and guarantee agency-grade quality. VideoHive templates are built by creatives of all levels and typically require extensive 3D modifications in order to achieve agency-level quality.

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Work faster

ScreenSpace's drag-and-drop interface, realtime interactivity, and cloud-based render farms mean you can turn around a 60 second promo in under 45 minutes. With VideoHive, you are limited by your own After Effects and 3D experience and computer power.

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Why outsource when you can keep it in-house with zero drop in quality?

Startups are choosing ScreenSpace over creative agencies for the speed, control, cost, and scalability. Start creating agency-grade promo videos in-house.

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A 30 second promo will take 4 weeks working with an agency. Through ScreenSpace, it takes 45 minutes for the same quality video.

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More control

With ScreenSpace, you are in full control over your project and you know what you are getting. With an agency, your project is in someone else's hands.

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A 30 second promo will cost $7,500  working with an agency. Through ScreenSpace, it'll cost you $200 for the same quality video.

Save money

You will spend thousands of dollars and weeks of time for one video deliverable from an agency. With ScreenSpace, you can create variations, A/B testing, and updates by continuously swapping out copy, UI, and designs within seconds.

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Prefer the white-glove agency feel?

Since our creative team leverages the ScreenSpace platform, you can still experience the speed, control, affordability, and scalability our platform offers with our white-glove experience and custom-tailored video content. We don't consider ourselves an outsourced agency - we are part of your family.

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