Startup Partner Program

Join our ScreenSpace partners who help their startups grow better with our suite of resources and products.

The program

Empower your startups with effective high-caliber video

The ScreenSpace Partner Program mission is to help millions of startups grow better and we take that very seriously.

Our goal is to help you help your startups succeed. Through our partner program, we collaborate with a global network of accelerators, incubators, and VC firms to help startups leverage video to increase pitch and product success. The program includes startup-friendly prices for our products and services as well educational resources.


You want to help your startups succeed. We have that in common.

Our partner program provides benefits to our partners and their affiliated startups, both current and alumni, through educational resources and startup-friendly discounts.
Dedicated Creative Services

Our team can create high-level marketing material for your organization or videos customized to individual startups.

Volume - Discounted Subscription Packs

Pre-purchase subscription packs as a gift for your new founders with volume discounts and included workshops.

Interactive Workshops & Mentorship

We offer custom-tailored workshops for your startups as well as 1-on-1 mentorship.

25% Subscription Discount

All of your startups can enjoy 25% off our platform subscriptions for their first 6 months.


How can my portfolio companies access ScreenSpace?

Your companies will apply through a unique form provided by our team if you are accepted into our Partner program. Ready to partner? Click here.

What resources will my startup companies have access to?

We offer access to our platform, services, educational resources, and mentorship.

Is there a limit to how many of my startup companies I can refer?

Nope! Send as many of them as you wish. We’re excited to help them grow.

What if I'm a startup myself?

If your partner is already in our network you can apply to the program and redeem your benefits through them. If your partner is not yet affiliated with the ScreenSpace Partner Program they can apply to become a partner using this link here and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss.

Ready to join the ScreenSpace Partner Program?